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Purple Cow | Digital Marketing Advertising Agency
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Create Your Brand

Brand is the value and quality of companies. Therefore, the importance of the brand to be created is great and taking into account this importance, we increase your value and quality.

Corporate Solutions

If you are looking for economical, professional solutions for your company or brand, you can get support from our experienced team.

24/7 Phone Support

Please feel free to contact us for information about our services. Our Customer Representatives will take care of you and produce suitable solutions for you. 0212 909 38 40


Brand; we can say briefly the identity of a product (product) or service. It distinguishes one product from its competitors, ie, it symbolizes the benefits and quality of the product and allows it to be remembered by users. In other words, “brand”; a product, product or service that identifies different names, terms, symbols or pictures can say.

Name Rule80%
Emblem and Logo80%
Brand Registration95%

Web Design

Your web site is the gateway of your company to the world. Fully manageable, google, seo and mobile compatible website coding.

Google Seo Services

Increase your visitors by climbing on Google with the keyword you want by having organic SEO work on your website!

Social Media Management

Let your brand’s social media accounts manage morinek, your brand’s awareness and sales increase.

3D Modeling and Animation

It is very effective in the marketing and presentation of the products by using realistic three-dimensional drawing methods of architectural projects and industrial products.

Graphic Design

We make catchy designs that make your brand more known and ahead of your competitors.

Google Adwords Services

Get high on Google for business-related searches, and your ads will start running on the same day you want.

Photography Services

We provide services in many fields such as Product, Place, Catalog and Corporate photo shoot with our professional photographer staff.

Web Software Solutions

As a result of strengthening the corporate structures and transferring operational works to the digital world with software solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, resources and cost savings are provided.

Printing Services

Printing and digital printing, catalogs, brochures, magazines, newsletters, flyers, books, invitations, greetings, corporate identity printing services.

Corporate Identity Design

It is a source of prestige for your company, It gives confidence to its customers, It provides persistence in mind with original works.

E-commerce site

PHP-based E-commerce Site, written with original programming methods, you can have e-commerce site every year without paying rent.

Outdoor Advertising

We are a pioneer in outdoor advertising and offer professional solutions for your company in digital printing and signage services.


Economic & Ready Web Site

People can access companies from all over the world through websites. An affordable web site also makes great contributions to your budget. Morinek Agency offers a website service that you can manage completely with reasonable prices. When setting up a web site, it is very important to set up a web site in the style and design one wants. Because the web site is your face in the internet environment. Morinek designs Google Seo and mobile compatible websites according to your requests and offers them to your service. To date, Morinek Agency, which has designed about 3256 websites, is capable of responding to everyone’s request.

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E-Commerce Annual Renewal Fee

E-Commerce is widely used today. The e-commerce site should be a site where customers can shop smoothly on their phones. Morinek Agency serves without annual renewal fee and with different e-commerce themes. You can have a completely unique e-commerce site with easy package usage with access to files, store delivery in 6 hours. It is also possible to have the software you have for a lifetime with a single payment in 9 installments. With multiple themes and e-commerce packages, you can easily reach your own website.

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What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Web Design, which is defined as compatible web design, first appeared in 2010. Recently, it has been used all over the world and in our country.

While it is not possible to read the information on the screen in a healthy way while navigating to any web site from tablet and mobile devices prior to this design, thanks to Responsive Design, images and pictures such as text and pictures can be fully seated on the screen.



Morinek Ajans, Karaca Züccaciye A.Ş. nin Kurumsal Kimlik Tasarımı, Web Site Tasarımı gibi bir çok grafik tasarım çözümleri sunmuştur, biz oldu diyene kadar sabır ve keyifle çalıştık yaratıcı morinek ekibine ne kadar teşekkür etsek azdır, çalışmalarında başarılar dileriz.- - Karaca Züccaciye / Sami Hotak { Karaca Grup Pazarlama Direktörü }
Bizde mor inek olduk, tüm kurumsal tasarım çalışmalarımızı mor inek ajans ile sürdürdük çok profesyonel ve yaratıcı olduklarını bir kez daha söylemek isteriz.- - Alasüt / Çağdaş Yüksel {Kurucu}
Mor inek, sosyal medya hesaplarımızı yönetmektedir aynı zamanda mobil uygulamamızı geliştirmiştir, tüm destekleri için şükranlarımızı sunarız.- Aspen Yapı ve Zemin A.Ş. / Özgür Yılmaz {Director}
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