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Corporate Web Site

Corporate Web Site

They are professional websites designed to suit your corporate identity. It usually consists of 5 to 6 pages and includes your company, service and contact information.

Ready-Made Website

Ready-Made Website

Ready-made website templates are designed to quickly adapt your corporate colors to make your website available.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Unusual and tailor-made websites designed for you. It is coded in such a way that it can be enriched with additional software when necessary.


Corporate Web Design

They are professional websites designed to suit your corporate colors and corporate identity. It usually consists of fewer pages, contains your company, service and contact information.

Web Site Update and Content Development

You can take advantage of our annual update service for websites that are missing in terms of content and require continuous updates.

Custom Design Website

When you draw a project that goes through your head with pen paper and give it to us, we can easily create your website using Bootsrap, AI, CSS, HTML5, PHP, JQuery technologies.

Mobile (Responsive) Web Design

When a website is entered from a computer, mobile and tablet device, the size of the text, image, menu and other elements are automatically adjusted. In this way, you can easily access usability and the information you want quickly.


Economic Web Design Opportunity

The faces of the companies are now laughing with the Morinek, you can have a ready-made web site with prices starting from 750 TL, save time and strengthen your brand with economical prices.

Seo Compatible Ready Made Web Site

Search Engine Optimization has been taken into consideration the software of our ready-made web sites are coded. Many points such as necessary tags and explanations have been evaluated and presented to your management completely.

Easy-to-use Administration Panel

Easily and quickly edit your ready site updates such as Logo, Text, Image from the panel, save time, focus on your business.

Ready Made Web Site Templates

What is Domain?

Domain is the name of a website. Without a domain name, internet users can only access the website with an IP address.

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What is Hosting?

You need a space to load the websites we have prepared. The space that is reserved for you on the servers configured for your site to work is called hosting.

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What is SSL Certificate?

The SSL certificate is ensured to be secure by encrypting the data if the data transfer is performed between the website and the server.

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What are UI and UX?

With the developing web technology, different specializations emerged. User interface (UI) and User experience (UX) are called the user interface and user experience in Turkey.

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